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Coaching Against The Wind is a 251-page, hard-cover book that attempts to capture the inspira-tional careers of six men who believed the game of football is symbolic of life and serves as a powerful complement to academic study by helping student-athletes achieve success beyond the sanctuary of the college campus.

Jubie B. Bragg and George M. Sampson planted the seeds that gave birth to football at FAMU. William "Big Bill" Bell (1936-42), Alonzo S. "Jake" Gaither (1945-69), Rudy Hubbard (1974-85), and William "Billy" Joe (1994-2004), were extraordinary head football coaches who led FAMU to a combined 13 national college championships.

The first edition of this book was published in 2009. Copies ($10 each plus $3 shipping) may be purchased at the FAMU Bookstore, online below or by email: Eddie Jackson - ejack1152

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