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As the "hype" for football season approached during Summer 2009, I wanted to do something to help the new coach (Joe Taylor) with the "new Rattler Football Era."
Since some retirees meet for lunch on a regular basis and talk sports, we decided to ask other Rattler fans if they would be willing to pay $20 for lunch one day each week before each of the Rattler 11 football games ($220).   The lunches are open to anyone who wishes to attend for $20 each week ($10 for lunch and $10 for donations), if one chooses not to become a "220" member.
Coach Taylor was contacted to see if he would come and speak with the group each week and receive a $500 donation to the Rattler Football Program.  He was excited and "it was on!"  The first week, 20+ people (male and female) came.  The word began to spread and every Wednesday during football season Coach Taylor came (most weeks he would bring a player to address the group also--thanking for support and answering any questions).
This became so successful and enjoyable that it has continued for five years and everyone is looking forward to the 2015 Season.
When the 2011 Football Season ended, the group wanted to have a couple of lunches for the basketball program; therefore, a lunch was held for the Rattler  Basketball Program with Coach Johnson speaking to the group; and for the Rattlerette Basketball Program, with Coach Gibson and two players speaking to the group.
Then it was decided that something should be done for the Women's Softball Program.  Coach Wiggins and two players came to lunch and chatted with the group.  One member of the group asked Coach Wiggins what she needed to help the program.  She indicated a "pitching machine" and "water vacuum" would be a tremendous help to the program. 
 Members of the group immediately started writing checks, donating cash, and pledging their support toward acquiring the pitching machine.  In addition to the 220 Quarterback Club, other Rattler supporters (local and out of town) , upon hearing about the project, made generous donations.  With the $1,400 needed to purchase the pitching machine and the $800 for the water extraction system,   a check for $2,200 was presented to Coach Wiggins and when the items arrived, the group was invited to the softball field for a demonstration of the  pitching machine. This same kind of support from the group continues.
During the past six years, the 220 Quarterback Club has contributed over $50,000 to the FAMU Athletic Program (Football, Women's Basketball, Men's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track),  the 2013, 2014-15 FAMU DRS Championship Girls Basketball Team, and the FAMU Band Wind Ensemble for its 2015 trip to New York (Carnegie Hall Performance).

In addition to presentations by and to the coaches, athletic-related administrators and outstanding Rattlers who made significant contributions (monetary and/or services including past athletes, coaches, presidents, writers, etc.) to the FAMU Athletic Program over the years are invited to speak to the group.
The 220 Quarterback Club  Luncheons will not be held during the month of July, 2016.  The regular Wednesday Luncheons will resume in August, 2016 at the New Times Country Buffet  (1701 North Monroe Street).  
The weekly lunches will be held each Wednesday, 12:00 noon during the Rattler Football Season. 
Although payment ($20) may be made weekly for lunch, the $220 for membership in the 220 Quarterback Club is preferred at the beginning of the season in order to have a guarantee for the $500 promised the football program each week.
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